Open Edition or Limited Edition Whats the Difference?

Limited edition prints are created in ‘editions’, or ‘runs’, (usually 25, 50, 100, 250, 500) and are hand signed and numbered by the artist. Each edition is set by size and any other features such as printing surface, i.e. art paper or canvas. Once that edition has sold it, it cannot be printed again in that way, hence their more collectable status. 

Open edition prints can be reproduced limitlessly in any number of variations; therefore they are priced lower than a limited edition print. Offering affordability open edition prints are a great way to get art onto your walls, and they make great gifts too.

Often open edition prints are produced more cheaply than limited editions using a lesser quality paper or printing process. My limited and open edition prints are both printed the same way by the same gallery printers on the same artist papers so there is no difference in quality. The difference is that my limited edition prints are just that 'limited'. There are only a set number printed and these will all be signed and numbered by me. Once they sold they won't be reproduced again.