Artist & Process

My name is Sarah Evans and I am the founder of Oscar Francis and  the artist behind all of the work that you see on the site.

My professional back ground in architecture is the reason that the designs and the art all have architectural themes. When I stopped practising architecture I knew that I wanted to keep drawing and designing and so Oscar Francis was born.

In the early days of the company the prints and patterns were very simple but always developed by hand at first. As the months and years went by the work became more detailed and involved until one day I decided to post some of my hand drawn work on my Instagram account. I was surprised by the positive reaction and even more surprised to learn that the common assumption was that the digital prints were produced by drawing over photographs or even manipulating existing images.

Every piece of hand drawn work is produced by eye and the only tool I use is a ruler. The digital or graphic style prints are produced using auto cad. Often the final graphic version can look quite different from the hand rendered drawing as I have made decisions to change elements throughout the process.

This new section of the site is dedicated to the hand drawings that are part of the process of creating the digital work. Limited editions of these will be for sale here too, but you might just enjoy seeing this part of the process before you chose your graphic print.

If you would like to see more of the hand drawings along side the digital prints then check out the Sketchbook

A selection of limited editions and original work is also available to buy on